Federal Pell  (FAFSA)  Grants Continued: Important Tips



Estimates of income and bank accounts are acceptable, provided that the correct information is supplied later by the applicant.  You may use the tax return from the previous year for ESTIMATING purposes. The FAFSA on the Web Home page has a link to provide corrections to a previously submitted application.

•A student may also obtain a paper copy of a FAFSA from the community college financial aid office and submit it by mail.

•A student can apply any time.  However, they must apply before March 2 if they are also using the FAFSA to apply for a Cal Grant (to be discussed next).

•Read the questions carefully.  If the application uses the words “you” or “your” it is referring to the student, not the parents.

•Don’t leave a field blank.  Enter either N/A or “0”.

•Use the student’s legal name as it appears on their Social Security card.

•If parents are divorced or separated, the one with whom the student lived the most over the last 12 months is the parent responsible for filling out their portion of the FAFSA.

•Don’t worry if the student or parents own a house or apartment.  FAFSA does not ask about this.

•Parents do NOT have to report the net worth of a family owned business if it has fewer than 100 full time employees.

•Remember to include the student, when asked “how many people in your household will be in college during the award year”.







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