Community College Admission and Tuition Policies


Admission Policies


In order to be eligible for admission to a California Community College one must be:

•A high school graduate

•Not a high school graduate, but over 18 years of age

•A 12th grade-or-below student recommended by the principal and approved by parents for advanced placement or vocational classes.


Application is free !  


Students should apply early in order to get higher class registration priorities.


Applying for admission on the community college website is the fastest and easiest way to do this.


California Community College Tuition Policies


In order to avoid paying high non-resident tuition a student must meet the following criteria:


•The student must have been a legal California resident for at least one (1) year and one (1) day prior to the start of the semester or term that they are applying for to qualify as a resident student;

•The student must have demonstrated intent to establish California residency for a minimum of two years;

•The student has not engaged in conduct that is inconsistent with a claim for California residence;

•The student is not prohibited by law from establishing California residency. If the student is undocumented, AB540 Dream Act provisions may enable the student to meet this requirement.  More information on the AB540 Dream Act can be found by clicking on the Financial Aid link on this website.

•Low income students can have their tuition and fees paid by the State of California by applying for a Board of Governor’s Grant (BOGW) Fee Waiver. Click on the Financial Aid link on this site for more information.




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