The Mentoring Process : Recommended Procedures and Tools




Your early meetings with your student should set the tone for all future mentoring sessions.  During your initial meetings we suggest that you


1. Have an “Ascending Lights iGraduate Mutual Responsibility Contract” (or similar) that outlines what you and iGraduate will do and what the student must do in return for these services.


2. Determine the student’s career and academic goal.  

•If the student is “undecided” use one of the General Studies majors in the community college catalog and on the

Road Map to Success.

•Take advantage of the Career Assessment Tools on this website and the resources offered at the college career center.


3. Discuss the important academic and life skills needed to succeed in college and in  iGraduate.

•Review with your student the skills listed in the “Ascending Lights iGraduate Student Semester Review”.

•Review with your student the booklet, How to Get Good Grades in College.  To obtain a copy, simply send us an email and provide us with your contact information and mailing address.  Our email is


4. Review with your student the Ascending Lights iGraduate Golden Checklist:  Steps to College Success with the student.  

•Check off the tasks that have been completed and assign “homework” as needed.


5. Make arrangements to meet again to prepare the student’s Road Map to Success.  On the Home Page of this site, carefully follow the steps To Design a Personalized Road Map to Success.


6. Once the Road Map to Success is completed, review with the student the “Six Steps for Finishing Up”.   They are also included in the Road Map to Success Tutorials found on this site.  To locate the tutorials go to iGraduate Road Map Tools on the Home Page.

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