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This is a wonderful resource that provides a wide variety of tools to assist you in selecting the right career.  Please take the time to explore it thoroughly!


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Discover the Best Possible Careers for You!


THIS IS A FANTASTIC SITE!  Take a simple test to discover the careers that match your interests, abilities, and personality best.  Then learn all about those careers, the level of education required to get a job in those fields, and what they pay in your area.   Discover possible careers that you had never considered before!


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This is a free online test based on the personality type theories developed by Karl Jung and made famous by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers.


CLICK HERE to go directly to the site.  For additional information on your personality type as it relates to careers.  You can also Google your four letter personality type followed by the word "careers." For example: ENFJ Careers



Once you have determined your career and the level of education required for it you can now begin to complete your iGraduate Roadmap to Success.


If you are still undecided that’s OK!  Just choose TEMPORARILY a major on Page 1 of the Road Map to Success Academic Planning Tool that best describes your general area of interest:


Arts & Humanities

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Natural Sciences

Liberal Studies


Use your college catalog to view the courses that are included in this major.  You can change your major to match a specific career later.  You can also earn an Associate’s Degree and transfer from community college with one of these majors.

The Roadmap to Success Academic Planning Tool begins with your deciding on an educational path that points to a specific career.  If you are “undecided” we encourage you to select a possible career earlier than later in the process.  The tools that we discuss here will help you in this process.  


The most important thing is that you select a career that matches your interests, natural abilities, and personality.  If you do not do this you may find yourself very unhappy in your chosen field!


Many students choose a career because a family member or friend has recommended it.  Other students choose a career because they believe that lots of money can be made in an industry.  Still others make their choices based on what they see depicted on television. Our recommendation is that you confirm such choices using the resources available here that will measure your interests, natural abilities, and personality.


1. They will give you an indication of your unique gifts and the careers that match them.

2. They will either confirm your existing career choice or suggest other possible careers that better fit your interests, abilities, and personality.

3. They will identify careers that do not fit your personality and unique gifts.

4. They will help you to understand the best ways to learn and retain information.

5. They will assist you in your relationships with others.

6. They should be used if you are doing poorly in the courses required for your desired major. This may be an indication that your career choice does not match your natural abilities, personality, or interests.


That being said, there is no better way for you to research a career than to interview individuals who are working in the industry. Your iGraduate mentor can be a great help in this area.


We will discuss here three resources for career assessment and selection:







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