Community College: A Better Way

Community colleges are increasingly becoming a preferred way for students to ultimately graduate from a four-year University.


In a July 11, 2018 article published in the Los Angeles Times, Youlonda Copeland-Morgan, UCLA vice provost of enrollment management, stated, “Transfer students are the future of our university.”


According to a 2018 Fact Sheet issued by the Community College League...


“Transfer students from community colleges to the University of California account for 48% of the UC’s bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).”


Of the students who graduated from a California State University, 51% started at a California community college


Of the students who graduated from a University California, 29% started at a community college.


“Transfer students who come to UC perform well, persisting and graduating at rates similar to students who enter as freshmen. The average time to degree for transfer students is just over 2 years (2.4) after coming to the University (average time to degree or freshman is 4.2).”


Are you and your organization ready to help your students navigate the new and complex community college degree and transfer process?  


Are you aware of the many common mistakes made by students which can significantly delay receipt of financial aid or a community college degree?  


If not, consider signing up for a community college mentor training seminar where you will learn how to best adapt your organization to this emerging trend in higher education.  You will find the link on the home page of this web site,



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