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Our mentor training seminars will teach you how to: Help Students, Enroll in Community College, Obtain free financial aid...

New Community College Program Guarantees Admission to CSU

The California Community Colleges and the California State University have launched a new program, with an accompanying web site, that lets students earn an Associate Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree, with no wasted units.

Tips for Dealing with Low Registration Priorities and Closed Classes

New students to community college often find it difficult to enroll in the classes that they need during their first semester.  This is because returning students have...

Ascending Lights iGraduate is a non-sectarian community outreach program of the Ascending Lights Leadership Network (  It consists of powerful tools and services designed to improve the community college graduation rates of economically disadvantaged youth and adults living in Los Angeles County.  It accomplishes this by training volunteers or staff recruited from neighborhood social service organizations to be mentors who will use these tools to help the many gifted individuals who are reluctant to attend community college or drop out for lack of clear educational goals and ongoing support.




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